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Autor Thema: Hellas Channel - Griechenland-Nachrichten vom 23.12.2012  (Gelesen 1283 mal)

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    • Hellas Channel - Nachrichten aus Griechenland
Greek Reporter
Dear Santa: I Want A Job For My Dad
Greek children who send many thousands of letters to Santa Claus don’t know their wish lists wind up at the Greek post office ELTA. Their outpourings are funny but sweet and sad sometimes too, especially those from the young who say they don’t want anything for themselves, but just a job for their parents.

Spiegel Online
Griechenland in der Krise
Winter der Unzufriedenheit

Abgeschaltete Heizungen, Neonazis in den Straßen - und Mütter, die ihre Kinder ins Heim bringen, weil sie dort wenigstens Taschengeld und neue Kleider bekommen: Griechenland erlebt einen Jahresausklang voller Ver-zweiflung.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten
EU-Berater schließt weitere Gelder für Griechenland nicht aus
Sollte das Land einen neuen Finanzierungsbedarf haben, wird dies im kommenden Jahr diskutiert werden, versi-chert der Leiter der Euro-Arbeitsgruppe Thomas Wieder. Bis Ende 2014 reiche das Geld aber. Wer aber von der Notwendigkeit eines weiteren Schuldenschnitts redet, der will entweder keine Reformen umsetzen oder mit Spekulationen Geld verdienen.

Basler Zeitung
Griechenland will die «Schweizer Liste» überprüfen
Griechische Staatsanwälte wollen mit der Überprüfung einer umstrittenen Liste beginnen.

Greek Reporter
Proton Loans Traced to Lavrentiadis
Prosecutors have reportedly found that more than 10 companies set up with minimal capital received millions of euros in loans from Proton Bank that later came under the control of its main shareholder, Lavrentis Lavrentiadis, who has been charged with multiple counts of wrongdoing and been jailed pending trial.

Greek Reporter
Erdogan, Avramopoulos Do S & P Tango
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized the decision by the ratings agency Standard & Poor’s to upgrade Greece’s standing, taking it out of the territory of possible default and up to a B- standing. Erdogan said the decision was “politicized” but did not elaborate.

Greek Reporter
Greek Eco-NGO Charged With Fraud
Fourteen people in a disbanded Greek Non-Governmental Organization called the Cycle of Patmos which held environmental conferences on cruise ships that lured religious leaders and top analysts have been charged with criminal fraud and money laundering after they could not account for 3 million euros ($4 million) in their finan-cial records.

Greek Reporter
More Greek Austerity Ruled Out – Maybe
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who has assured Greeks that a $17.45 billion spending cut and tax hike plan that’s being implemented will be the last time they face austerity measures is getting backing from an econ-omist who heads negotiations for the Eurozone.

Mere cash injection may not be enough
Impact of huge bailout funds received could prove smaller than what officials hope for

Tourism set to see receipts and arrivals rise next year
Tourism receipts will return to high levels in 2013 if the popularity of Greek destinations continues to increase in the main foreign markets, according to forecasts by the president of the Association of Hellenic Tourism Enter-prises (SETE), Andreas Andreadis.

Last major austerity package, says eurozone official
Head of Euro Working Group says funding and debt sustainability should not cause undue concern

Asylum seekers in Greece hounded by police and extremists
Greece is seriously failing to respect the rights of asylum seekers and migrants, Amnesty International has warned in a newly-published briefing.

Oye! Times
The Necromanteion in Greece: An Eerie Visit to the Underworld

The Hellenic News of America
AHEPA's Campaign to Address Hunger in Greece Makes $20,000 Donation

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    • Hellas Channel - Nachrichten aus Griechenland
Hellas Channel - Griechenland-Nachrichten vom 23.12.2012
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Welt am Sonntag
Weihnachten in Athen
Es ist nur wenige Jahre her, da brüstete sich Athens Syntagma-Platz zur Weihnachtszeit mit dem größten öffent-lichen Weihnachtsbaum Europas. Die Griechen erinnern sich daran wie an eine längst versunkene Epoche.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Steuerflucht in Griechenland
Athen will Liste von Steuersündern überprüfen

Griechische Staatsanwälte wollen mit der Überprüfung einer umstrittenen Liste beginnen. Sie enthält mehr als 2000 Namen von mutmasslichen griechischen Steuerflüchtlingen, die in der Schweiz über ein Konto bei der HSBC-Bank verfügen.

Griechen wollen keine weitere Sparrunde
Pasok-Chef Evangelos Venizelos will nicht noch mehr sparen. Griechenland müsse erst die Strukturreformen umsetzen, um ein «normaler Staat» zu werden.

Der Tagesspiegel
Schierling für Steuersünder
„Zahltag“: Petros Markaris flaniert mit Kommissar Charitos durch Athen.

Finance: The Great Greek Gamble

The Telegraph
Greeks turn out to donate to poor hit by economic crisis (Video)
Thousands of Greeks have braved the cold weather and flocked to Athens' Syntagma Square to donate food, clothes and toys for families affected by the economic crisis.

Rich and poor prepare for Christmas

Greek Reporter
Despite Crisis, Greeks Give to the Poor
Without much left for themselves during a crushing economic crisis that has put nearly two million people out of work, thousands of Greeks braved the cold weather on Dec. 23 and flocked to Athens’ Syntagma Square to donate food, clothes and toys to families who have even less.

Greek Reporter
Greece Expects 1M More Tourists in 2013
Coming off a tough year in which many tourists stayed away because of political and social unrest, Greece is expecting a big rebound in 2013 with an increase of about one million more visitors, officials said, basing their estimates on airline reservations and information from travel agencies and sites.

Greek Reporter
Greece Will Sing in 2013 Eurovision
After some speculation that Greece would be unable to afford participating in the 2013 Eurovision contest be-cause of the county’s crushing economic crisis, the organizers have announced that it will be sending an entry after all.


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