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Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Zypern- und Griechenland-Rettung
Kurzsichtige Krisenpolitik


Goethe Institut
Griechische Identität: Leichtentzündlicher Stoff
Wie geht eine Gesellschaft mit Veränderungen um, wie bearbeitet sie aus Konflikten entstandene Verletzungen und Traumata? Was passiert, wenn diese Prozesse nicht in eine Dialogkultur eingebettet sind? Die Lyrikerin und Publizistin Maria Topali nimmt die Radikalisierung von Jugendlichen in Griechenland zum Anlass für einige Gedanken zu diesem

Cypriot "no" inspires Greeks to rail against austerity
Greeks and opposition parties inspired by the Cypriot rejection of an unpopular bailout deal urged Athens on Wednesday to stand up to foreign lenders whose demands have resulted in repeated rounds of austerity that have made Greek life a misery.

Greek Reporter
After The Glee, Deadlock In Cyprus
While Cypriots were jubilant that the Parliament voted 36-0 to reject a confiscation tax on savings accounts in banks to help pay for part of a bailout from international lenders, a shaken government is keeping banks closed until March 27 while they scramble to find an option to prevent a collapse of the economy.

Greek Reporter
Court Says No SDOE Bank Access
Greece’s highest administrative court, the Council of State, in a preliminary finding, has ruled unconstitutional a proposal by the country’s financial crimes squad, SDOE, to freeze bank accounts, stock holdings and properties of suspects linked to large scale cases of tax evasion, smuggling and other financially-related crimes.

Neos Kosmos
Stournaras: Athens has Plan B for banks
Stournaras says Nicosia has ‘hours’ to find solution but Greece ‘fortified' anyway

Neos Kosmos
Marinas point to lost revenues
The national economy has missed out on revenues from value-added tax receipts of at least 40 million euros over the last three years due to the policies adopted by the state

Greece boosted exports outside the EU by about 30% in the fourth quarter


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