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    • Hellas Channel - Nachrichten aus Griechenland
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Entwicklung auf Messers Schneide

Krisenberichte legen die Vermutung nahe, Griechenland versinke im Chaos. Ein Besuch vor Ort bestätigt dieses Bild so nicht. Allerdings zeichnet sich ein dramatischer Wettlauf zwischen Reformerfolgen und möglichen sozialen Unruhen ab.

Der Tagesspiegel
Die vergessene Lehre

Die rechtsradikale Chrysi Avgi wird im krisenmüden Griechenland immer mächtiger. Auch die 89-jährige Maria gab der Partei ihre Stimme. Als wüsste sie nicht, was Faschismus anrichten kann.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten
Europa: Griechenland auf dem Weg zur Sozialistischen Republik
In Griechenland nimmt die Beliebtheit der linksgerichteten Syriza rapide zu. In aktuellen Umfragen konnte Sy-riza angesichts der Armut und der steigenden Arbeitslosigkeit im Land sogar die derzeitige Regierungspartei überholen. Alexis Tsipras ist beliebter als der amtierende griechische Premier Samaras.

Ratten im Gesundheitssystem in Griechenland
Während die von der Troika aufgezwungenen Sparmaßnahmen im Gesundheitssystem in Griechenland Todesopfer fordern, verdienen sich Spekulanten weiterhin goldene Nasen.

europe online magazine
Autonome bekennen sich zu Anschlag auf Kurierdienst in Athen

The New York Times
Seen From Greece, Great Depression Data Looks Good
FIVE years into the Great Depression, one out of five workers in the United States was unemployed. The econ-omy was nearly 20 percent smaller in 1934 than it had been at the peak, in 1929.

Yahoo News
Rehhagel picked to make Germany popular in Greece
He pulled off one of soccer's greatest historic upsets. Now Otto Rehhagel has been handed a task equally chal-lenging: to make Germany popular again in crisis-hit Greece.

Greek Reporter
Samaras Says Austerity Alone No Answer
Even as he continued to impose harsh pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions on Greek workers, pensioners and the poor on the orders of international lenders putting up bailout monies, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on March 15 that European Union leaders did not see austerity as “an end in itself.”

Greek Reporter
Anarchists Target Judges, Cops, Witnesses
Anarchists Clash With Far Rightists A militant anarchist group, one of a number in Greece, has claimed respon-sibility for a bombing at a package shipping firm and is threatening further attacks on judges, police and prosecution witnesses in a terrorism trial.
No one was hurt in the March 10 blast in Athens, which damaged the closed Swift Mail offices.

Greek Reporter
Thessaloniki Jews Commemorate Deportation by Nazis
On March 15, 1943, the first train to Auschwitz left Thessaloniki, taking about 2, 800 Jews from the city. In memory of the first Holocaust victims from Thessaloniki, memorial events will take place in the city titled, Nev-er Again. Thessaloniki – Auschwitz. 70 years after the departure of the first train.

Greek Reporter
Tsochatzopoulos Charges Political Coverup
Former Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos is ready to name names in the Greek corruption gameFormer Greek defense minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, who has been detained in jail for nearly a year and was just sen-tenced to an eight-year term  for failing to disclose his wealth while he awaits trial on more serious charges, has accused the New Democracy Conservative and the PASOK Socialist parties of trying to hide their their own responsibilities for corruption in military procurements.

Hellas Frappe
Disneyland Resort Set To Celebrate Greece May 25-27
The Disneyland Resort is going to celebrate Greece with music, dance, art, food, history and lots of OPA between from May 25-27! The festivities are going to take place in both “it’s a small world” Mall in Disneyland park as well as in Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure park. Believe it or not even our beloved Mickey Mouse is going to "get in the Greek" and greet everyone in a full-fledged foustanella!

Greece set to keep property tax via electricity bills for another year
An unpopular property tax levied through electricity bills and introduced in 2011 as an emergency measure looks set to remain in place for another year, as the troika has demanded, although government sources insisted on Friday that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras intends to hold a tough line in ongoing negotiations between the two sides.

Ex-Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos accuses PASOK and ND of cover up
Ex-Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos accused New Democracy and PASOK on Friday of trying to cover up their own responsibilities for corruption in military procurements.


Greek PM Antonis Samaras says EU must act on pledges of growth
Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Friday called on the European Union to make good on its promises to boost growth and help create jobs for young people and warned that a failure to do so would lead to more people disengaging from the political process and backing candidates like comedian Beppe Grillo, who took the Italian national elections by storm this month.

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    • Hellas Channel - Nachrichten aus Griechenland
Hellas Channel - Griechenland-Nachrichten vom 16.03.2013
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europe online magazine
Griechischer Autor Ikonomou befürchtet soziale Spannungen
In Griechenland herrscht die Krise. Christos Ikonomou zeigt fernab der politischen Debatte, was die Not mit den Menschen macht. Sein Erzählband ist soeben auf Deutsch erschienen.

Bürger in Griechenland ernähren sich von Reis, Kartoffeln, Hülsenfrüchten
Die meisten Haushalte in Griechenland ernähren sich wegen der wirtschaftlichen Krise überwiegend von Reis, Kartoffeln und Hülsenfrüchten.

Composer Mikis Theodorakis admitted to hospital in Athens with breathing problems
Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis has been admitted to the hospital in Athens due to breathing problems, doctors said on Saturday.

Greek Reporter
Greece Didn’t Collect 99.86% Of Big Tax Debts
Greece has collected only $19 million of $13 billion owed by the country’s biggest tax debtors, a rate of only 0.0014 percent, Deputy Finance Minister Giorgos Mavraganis has admitted, although he said it’s because many companies have gone out of businesses and people are using fake invoices to throw inspectors off the track.

Greek Reporter
Poll Shows 94% Of Greeks Oppose Austerity
With a third year of harsh austerity measures in return for international bailouts in effect, a survey has found 94 percent of Greeks are against the conditions, although they continue to back the government which imposed them.


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