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    • Hellas Channel - Nachrichten aus Griechenland
Griechenland bringt Steuerverwaltung auf Trab
Nach der Kritik der Troika an der Steuerverwaltung in Griechenland präsentierte das Finanzministerium einen Katalog bereits ergriffener und anstehender Maßnahmen.

Situation in Griechenland Land unter
Die Rettung Griechenlands ist zum Experiment darüber geworden, was eine Gesellschaft alles aushalten kann, bevor sie zerbricht. Die Ergebnisse bisher: In der Stadt regt sich Solidarität, auf dem Land zeigt sich Egoismus.

Papageorgopoulos zu seiner lebenslangen Haftstrafe in Griechenland
Der zu lebenslänglicher Haft verurteile ehemalige Bürgermeister von Thessaloniki in Griechenland, Vasilis Papageorgopoulos, fordert Antworten auf 13 Fragen.

Krankenhaus Papageorgiou in Griechenland ist zahlungsunfähig
Das öffentliche Krankenhaus Papageorgiou in Thessaloniki in Griechenland kann infolge immenser Schulden der Kassen weder sein Personal noch seine Lieferanten bezahlen.

Greek Reporter
Violent Protest Against Former ND Minister
The ruling New Democracy Conservative party has condemned a violent protest against former minister, Makis Voridis,  ahead of a press briefing in Kavala, northeastern Greece, where workers of Kavala Oil stormed the hotel where the event was to take place and caused extensive damage to the premises, while Voridis remained in his room.

Greek Reporter
Archestratus and the Secrets of Ancient Greek Gastronomy
Ancient Greek poet and philosopher of Gela or Syracuse Archestratus, is often referred to as led the Father of Gastronomy. In his humorous didactic poem Hedypatheia (Life of Luxury) written in the 4th century BC, he advises a gastronomic reader on where to find the best food in the Mediterranean world and reveals the secrets of the ancient Greek cuisine.

Greek Reporter
Greek Church, Solidarity Donate Heating Oil
With winter drawing to a close and many Greeks still waiting for oil subsidies unlikely to come before it ends – and unable to afford heating fuel because of big taxes imposed by the government – more than 79,000 liters (20,870 gallons) has been donated y the philanthropic organization of the Archdiocese of Athens, named Solidarity, or Apostoli.

Greek Reporter
Minoan Shipyard Found On Crete
The first Minoan shipyard where big ships were constructed will be presented in a conference on Ancient Greek Technology, which will be held in Heraklion, Crete on March 21. Researcher Dr. Minas Tsikritsis and geologist Stelios Manolioudis will be the speakers.

Troika to focus on civil service
Envoys expected to broach thorny issue of layoffs amid lack of progress in state sector, tax overhauls

Police seize gun, hand grenades at high security prison

Workers, locals hold demo in favor of Skouries gold mine project
Mine workers and residents from Skouries, near Halkidiki in northern Greece, gathered in Megali Panagia on Saturday to express their support for a controversial gold mining project that has fueled furious protests by other locals and environmental activists who say the mine will cause serious damage to an ancient forest and poison the water supply.

Press TV
1000s hold anti-austerity demo in Greece (Video)
Thousands of Greeks have staged a demonstration to protest against the education budget cuts imposed by the government.

Infoshop News
Greece: 50 Ways to Kill your people
The results of the austerity policies implemented by the three party coalition government in Greece are devastating for the vast majority of the Greek people.
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    • Hellas Channel - Nachrichten aus Griechenland
Hellas Channel - Griechenland-Nachrichten vom 03.03.2013
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500 Euro Kindergeld für Kinderreiche in Griechenland
Kinderreiche Familien in Griechenland mit 3 Kindern und mehr sollen ab 2013 eine Beihilfe in Höhe von jährlich 500 Euro pro Kind erhalten.

Gipfel der Genüsse
Auf Trüffelsuche auf dem Olymp

Die Griechin Elefteria Tsiatsiou hat mit ihrer "Olymp-Gruppe" im vergangenen Jahr für Schlagzeilen gesorgt. Sie hatte zum ersten Mal in Griechenland die zwei wertvollsten Trüffelarten gefunden. Die Trüffeljagd in Grie-chenland hat begonnen.

Greek Reporter
Greece Will Tell Troika: No Public Firings
Inspectors from Greece’s international lenders who returned to Athens on March 3 to assess progress on reforms to meet fiscal targets are going to be told that the government will not begin firing of public workers as ordered because it believes it has already met goals through retirements.

Global Times
Grim times mean bonanza for Greek’s far right as Golden Dawn shines
A relatively new phenomenon in Greece is the rise of the extreme right, mainly represented by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.


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